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Lame ol' nerd by blairdiggory
Lame ol' nerd
Got my Isaac shirt today!
All y'all go read Paranatural by Zack Morrison! It's my FAVORITE web comic!
“God damn it,” said Tony, staring at the video feed with you and Loki on it.
“It’s not your fault that you bet so much on them not getting together again. Now, pay up,” said Natasha. She and Clint smirked at him. Bruce and Steve were digging through their pockets for cash.
“Come on, they’ll break up as soon as Loki becomes a mass murderer again,” Tony said indignantly.
“More like she’ll be dragged down with him,” said Bruce nervously.
“Come on, guys, if anything she’ll turn him good.” Natasha rolled her eyes at the two.
“Is that a bet?” said Clint.

“You’re on.”

“So,” Loki said to no one in particular while holding you. “You know that Stark and the others are watching us right now and are betting on our relationship status?”
“…Wait, what?”
You got up and turned around searching for the camera. And when you found it…
“Does that mean I win?” You heard Bruce say from somewhere upstairs.
Loki took your hand and yanked you down onto the couch again. You sprawled over his lap.
“Don’t bother, I already took care of it,” said Loki.
“Oh, no…” You heard Steve say and then some mad scrambling from the room above you. You laughed.
“Serves them right.”
Loki tugged you closer to his chest and kissed you. You lay your head in the crook of his neck as he stroked your cheek. You smiled as you closed your eyes.
“So, do you want to bet who gets their comeuppance first?” Loki murmured into your forehead.
“Oh, you’re so on.”
Sooo I'm going to try something new out and take some requests for fanfiction. They can be xreaders or whatever the heck you want them to be! Just no lemons or the like, and I can probably only do a good job if I'm in the fandom, but just comment or send me a note and we'll see what I can do! ^.^
It had been a year. After it was found out that Loki’s plan all along had been to get back to Asgard in the unassuming form of a prisoner and then pull a coup, he was sent back to Earth. SHIELD had agreed to keep him, especially since Fury thought he could be a powerful weapon if he could be converted to their side. So now, he was living at Stark Tower with some crazy enchantment in place to keep him from leaving and/or blowing the entire place up.
You yourself had been living there too. After you jokingly told Tony that you needed a change of scenery from living in SHIELD in your whole life (excluding your time in Asgard), he offered you a place to stay, and you accepted. The rest of the Avengers occasionally dropped by, and it was good to be somewhere where you could finally take a breather from the life of action you had lived for countless years. You still worked for SHIELD, going on covert operations, but you had more time to make up for the childhood you had lost, and you were loving the free time, to be completely honest. The only slight problem was Loki.
You two never really talked. Frankly, you stayed on separate floors for the most part, so you never really saw each other (You HAD, however, seen Tony and Pepper around quite frequently and more than once caught them in… awkward… situations). You and Loki never made eye contact and usually just ignored each other. But after months of silence, someone had to break the ice. That person just happened to be you.
You were walking onto the floor that served as a living room for all the other floors. You plopped down on the sofa, when you saw something move in the corner of your eye.
“Jesus!” You yelped.
“Sorry, wrong god,” Loki murmured. His eyes were planted firmly in his book (he was reading A History of Time by Stephen Hawking, and though he didn’t show it, he was thoroughly confused).

You stared at him. He usually never came up here, but you guessed months of being locked up in one building had forced him to become bored of most of the other floors. Loki sensed your gaze and looked up at you. You looked away before your eyes could lock together.
You relaxed on the couch. According to some tacit agreement, you didn’t talk to him, and he didn’t talk to you. You stayed out of his way, and he stayed out of yours. That’s the way things had worked since your falling out a year ago.
You wanted to talk to him. You wanted to know why he had done everything he had done, and if you’d been the cause of it, and if he still held feelings for you. You still held feelings for him (at least, you held feelings for who he used to be), but you figured he was a changed man and there was no going back.
But most of all, you wanted to know what had happened on the tower when Loki attacked New York City. Why had he saved you? You fought yourself for a good five minutes wondering if you should cross the unspoken line that dictated neither of you speak to each other. Loki seemed to sense you were thinking something and looked up again. You decided to take this as a go ahead.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you…” you started, but trailed off.
“Yes?” He didn’t seem antagonistic, just curious.
“Why didn’t you killed me a year ago? When I came at you after you threw Tony off the building?”
Loki hesitated for the slightest fraction of a second before putting his book down. He looked you dead in the eye.
“I didn’t want to see you leave me again like you did in Asgard.”
You nodded. He had still cared about you. Loki decided to continue this question game.
“Would you have killed me if you had the chance up there?” He asked you back.
“I… think so. I don’t know. It was my job”
A slight weariness sagged in Loki’s eyes, but he seemed to understand.
“What did you do when I left you in Asgard?” You asked.
“I searched for you and came up empty-handed. I decided that you were gone from my life, as was Thor, and I moved on to my higher purpose. My job, if you’ll put it that way. Did you move on from me as well?”
“I never stopped thinking about you. I thought there was a way I could get back, but I never found one.”
“Ah.” He nodded.
“I guess I never tried hard enough, though,” you pushed forward, feeling the need to explain yourself. “I mean, I thought Fury was right when he said I couldn’t go back through the exchange program, but I should’ve done more-“
“It’s alright,” Loki interrupted you. “You did not cause this.”
“Cause what?”
Loki waved a hand.
“This. All of the events leading up to this moment. I suppose I have to take the blame for this.”
“We both had our faults.”
“You didn’t try to conquer and kill and entire realm.”
“Yeah, I guess I didn’t.”
An awkward silence passed between you two.
“Did you really love me? Back on Asgard?”
Your breath caught in your chest at Loki’s question.
“I mean- yeah. I really did.” You paused. “Did you love me too?”
Loki nodded, still looking you deep in the eye. He mentally battled against himself and then made to sit next to you on the couch. You made a spot for him, and he sat down.
“Do you love me now?”
What you could sense from Loki now was the same sense you got from him on Asgard. You sensed a genuine love for you, one that said you understood him more than anyone and he understood you. Maybe your Loki had never left as much as you thought he had.
Loki placed a hand on your cheek and brought his lips to yours. You felt a warmth flow throughout your body, and you felt the same fireworks erupting in your head from the day you first kissed. You leaned in to deepen the kiss and put your hands on his chest. Loki wrapped his other arm around your waist and held you close. And after you had enjoyed kissing for what felt like an eternity, you laid your head on his side, and he pulled his arm around your shoulder, lightly rubbing your arm with his thumb. He placed a slow kiss on your forehead.
“I love you, my angel.”
“I love you, my god.”

The Angel Maker - Loki x Reader - Chapter 9
I finally finished! Thank you all so much for your love and support! This was a really fun thing for me to do, and I hope you all enjoyed it too! <3
Tony had figured out where Loki was hiding the Tesseract, which was apparently at the top of Stark Tower. He flew there in his suit, with you following close behind on your wings, while the rest of the crew took a jet. You head hurt like hell after Loki bashed you into the staircase railing, but you were ignoring it for now. You had a fight to pick with the god of mischief, and you were SO not letting a minor injury hold you back.
Tony had entered the building a few minutes prior, but when he didn’t return, you flew in to make sure everything was all right (it should’ve just been a get-the-Tesseract-and-get-out sort of job, right?). You touched down on the Iron Man landing strip and walked in.
“You alright, Stark?” You asked as you came in.
“Totally fine, (l/n).” Tony was pouring himself some liquor while secretly putting on a metal bracelet from his Iron Man suit. “Just offering your psycho boyfriend a drink.”
You stopped when you realized Loki was in the room. You glared at him. He glared back.
“Oh, what a nice little reunion!” Tony said. “Well, don’t let me get in the way.”
“Well, I was gonna kick his ass, but I think Clint called dibs…”
“Hey, no ass-kicking while we’re having a nice chat.” Tony wagged a finger at you. “Where were we, Loki? Oh, right.”
Tony cleared his throat.
“You see, Reindeer Games, you’ve managed to piss off the Avengers. Earth’s mightiest heroes and all that. And we will defeat.” Tony smirked at him.
“And yet, I have an army. Who are you to stop me?” Loki was trying desperately not to look at you, so he found himself sneering forcefully at Tony.
“We have a HULK,” Tony explained. “Also, we have your ex. Not a good combo to be up against.”
“You really think you can win this battle,” Loki laughed. Your jaw was clenched so tight, you thought you might snap a tooth. You were about to make a move, but you saw Tony set his drink down and begin to walk forward.
“Let’s get this straight, shall we? First, there’s you.” Tony pointed to Loki. “But then again, there’s seven of us, and you’ve managed to piss off each and every single one of us. We’ve got an angry bird girl who can slice off your head before you’ve even had a chance to register what’s happened” (he jabbed a thumb at you) “a master assassin, a master archer, a god, a super soldier, a hulk, and, oh yeah, one more guy. That would be me. And you better run.” Tony took one menacing step forward.
Before either you or Tony could react, Loki grabbed Tony by the throat, shoved him up, and threw him out the window.
“No!” You cried. You ran at Loki, knives out, but two steps in, the pain in your head hit you like a tsunami. You winced, intent on still getting a good stab at Loki, but then your vision went fuzzy, you felt like vomiting again, and you crumpled to the floor a couple of feet in front of him.
You couldn’t even register what was going on around you the pain was so bad. You thought you heard someone calling your name, but your hands were covering your face and ears in an attempt to get the pain to stop. Someone gently but firmly gripped your arms in an attempt to get at your face, but you struggled.
Finally, they laid your hands by your side when their superior strength won over. They kneeled over you, and you opened your eyes wide enough to see that it was Loki.
“Get off me!” You screamed, but it sounded more like a moan of pain.
“Stupid girl, I’m trying to heal you!”
You struggled against your captor, but he held you steady. You felt fingers gliding along your temple, and a green glow enveloped your vision.
This was it. You were going to die. And it would be by the hands of that bastard.
You were NOT ready to die. But you couldn’t struggle anymore. You couldn’t think or speak.
But… that wasn’t right, you thought. Why was the world becoming clearer? Wait, was Earth already Hell then? Were you stuck here forever? You did NOT want to be stuck here forever.
You were exhausted, but Stark Tower came into focus. Loki was right on top of you, his face screwed in concentration as he worked his magic. You were gasping for breath, but the pain was clearing up. You could see. You were gonna slap the hell out of Loki the second you could move.
Loki finished healing you and looked at you wearily.
“Stupid girl,” he muttered. Your breathing calmed down. You were just beginning to realize what had happened, even if it didn’t make a lick of sense.
Loki picked you up bridal style and carried you further into the tower. He laid you down on one of the couches while you just stared at him, confusion lining every edge of your face.
“Sleep tight, my angel,” Loki murmured. He walked toward the balcony to join the battle.
Wait, wasn’t Loki the bad guy? Didn’t he hate your Avenger guts? Wasn’t he supposed to have thrown you off the tower like he did to Tony? Oh God, Tony. Where was he? Where were the others? There was a blue glow outside the window. Creatures were flying everywhere. Where was everyone? Were they alright? You needed to get up. You needed to get out there and fight. You tried to get up, but your body was so sore that you still could barely move. Loki may have healed your head, but the rest of your body still had a long way to go. You tried as hard as you could to move, got off the couch, and fell to the floor three steps later.
And so, coughing, you finally gave in to your body’s demand for sleep…

“(Y/n)… (Y/N)!” Someone was shaking you.
You groaned and sat up, a quick bout of nausea rolling over you like a wave. The sun hurt your eyes.
“Oh God, what did Loki do to you?”
“I HEALED her. Stupid mortals…” You heard from somewhere in the room.
Natasha was hovering over you and helping you to your feet. The rest of the Avengers were poised in front of Loki, ready to attack the second he moved.
“If it doesn’t matter to any of you, I’ll have that drink now,” Loki muttered.
You glanced at him as he tried to lock eyes with you and then looked away.

Soon after, Loki was chained and muzzled. Thor agreed to use the Tesseract to go back to Asgard and try him for war crimes there. You considered going with them, but decided against it. You loved Asgard, but your job was here on Earth.
You watched, along with the others, as Thor handed Loki the prism with the Tesseract. Just before Thor turned the handle, you and Loki locked eyes. You thought you saw something akin to sadness in his gaze, but you broke your connection. You didn’t want to deal with Loki and his games anymore.
And then, just like that, he and Thor were gone. You turned to Natasha.
“You know, he really did heal me, on the tower.”
Natasha looked thoughtful, but shook her head.
“Are you sure? You were pretty out of it up there.”
You considered this. It could’ve been a trick. But even so, why hadn’t he killed you? He had the chance. And you would have killed him… wouldn’t you?
So why wouldn’t he?
The Angel Maker - Loki x Reader - Chapter 8
I hit 10,000 words, woohoo! *does a happy dance*
There's one more part after this that I have planned, so have fun wondering what's up with Loki until then ;)
Sooo I'm going to try something new out and take some requests for fanfiction. They can be xreaders or whatever the heck you want them to be! Just no lemons or the like, and I can probably only do a good job if I'm in the fandom, but just comment or send me a note and we'll see what I can do! ^.^


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A lovely writer chick who needs to express her thoughts with somewhat crappy drawings.

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