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As soon as you got off of training duty, you cleaned up in your room hurriedly and hopped over to the library.
Ok, so you hadn’t realized the Asgardians could use magic. This was mostly due to the fact that while you had read up on the Norse gods, the people you were involved with were not, technically speaking, gods. They were mortal. Granted they lived like 5000 years, but STILL. They could use magic! And so could you. So what if you were one of them?
You stepped briskly into library, where you had never been before, and stopped suddenly. The place was HUGE. It was what you imagined the Hogwarts library would look like, only it had waves of murals painted on the walls and held a whopping five floors. You wanted to study the intricate carvings of the place more, but you had to find information fast. And it didn’t help that all of the bindings were in ancient Norse either.
You looked up and down the rows, but nothing screamed “MAGIC” at you. You started climbing stairs, gazing vaguely at the corridors of books, hoping for an inkling of a feeling as to where you were going. When you got to the back of the third floor, something on the mural caught your eye.
While most of the mural was tinted in golden, metallic colors, this section was painted a glowing magenta. A group of women, some weaving on looms, some with wands, and some with drums were depicted, confiding in each other in some swirl of arcane energy. You felt as if you’d seen the painting somewhere before, but it wasn’t a particularly pleasant feeling.
“I thought I might find you here,” a voice behind you said. You’d been concentrating on the mural, and you jumped at the sound. You turned around to find Prince Loki.
He walked past you, pulled out a book, and held it out to you, gazing into your eyes.
“What’s this?” you asked.
“A beginner’s spell book. I figured you might want it.” His gaze was unwavering, almost like he was accusing you of something, but not quite. You didn’t know what to do. Your only knowledge of the treatment of magic was the abhorrence of it back on Midgard, so you weren’t quite sure what game the prince was playing.
“Why would I want that?”
“You can’t lie to the god of lies.” He sounded bored, as if lying to him was an everyday occurrence. He lowered his voice. “We both know what happened on the training field. Your knife slipped. You used magic to get it back.”
“And what?”
“Why do you care that I can do magic?”
“I only care,” Prince Loki said, “that a Midgardian, whose race possesses no magic, can wield such a weapon.”
“Weapon?” you asked. You’d used magic for dumb things like getting food from the fridge without getting up, but a weapon? I mean, you’d used it to guess enemy attacks, but that was more defense than anything…
“You’re not aware of the full implications of your abilities, are you?”
“Apparently not. So, I can do what you did in the arena?” You were referring to when he duplicated himself, forcing the soldier to pick one of him to attack. The soldier has chosen incorrectly, charged at the duplicate, and gotten a face full of dirt.
“I think you may have more Alfheim magic in you, but the two are very similar. Hence, the Asgardian magic book,” Prince Loki said, indicating the book he had given you.
“Thank you,” you said genuinely. Then…
“…This is all in ancient Norse.”
“It’s the only beginner book we have. Most books are on magical theory, history, or have more advanced spells.”
“So how do I read it?”
“I could tutor you,” Loki asked too innocently.
“…And what would you like in return?”
“I heard you talk to Sif regarding a story about a horse named Sleipnir.”
“I don’t think you understand how upset I am about the fact that that story isn’t true.”
Prince Loki glared at you.
“So what about the story?” you asked.
“I researched the story. In exchange for magic lessons, you will agree to tell no one about this Midgardian myth.”
You were trying hard to keep a straight face. This dude was seriously angry that people on Earth though he had been the mother of an eight-legged horse. Well, if you were in that position, you probably wouldn’t be too happy either.
“Deal,” you said. “So, when should we start?”
“I am free tomorrow after dinner. Would you be available then?” Loki asked, knowing full well you were available because the champions had no duties after dinner.
“Yeah, I can do that.”
“Excellent. I’ll see you in my room then.”
“Oh, we’re not doing them in the library?” you asked.
“Yes, it would be best to keep your abilities a secret for now. Bringing up your magical talent may bring about unwanted questions about whether you are truly Midgardian or not. If you aren’t Midgardian, you can’t compete. And if you want to beat Njord” (Loki knew you hated him) “then I would suggest staying in the competition.”
“So, your room, it is?”
“Tomorrow night, yes. I will see you then… (Y/N), isn’t it?” He had remembered your name since night one. But he couldn’t have you knowing that.
“Thank you, Prince Loki.”
“You may call me Loki.”
“Oh, ok. Well, I guess I’ll see you then, Loki.” You took the book he had given you and left the corridor to leave the library.
Loki watched you leave, then looked at the mural. There was no way you were one of them. And yet, as his heart fluttered at the thought of you, he so desperately hoped you were.
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 4
This will not turn NSFW in Loki's room, I swear.
Kinda short chapter, but thanks for liking my stuff >.<
When you woke up the next morning, you vaguely remembered dreaming some names. You’d often had dreams like these, where you could remember details, items, or names, and they usually came in handy later. You looked around you room to find paper and a pencil (you only came up with ink and a quill. Damn Asgardian technology.), and you wrote the names down. There were ten total.
Brin came in soon after. Once you were dressed (you had pants now), Brin walked with you to the dining hall, where some of the champions were eating breakfast. Njord wasn’t there yet. He must’ve needed his beauty sleep, you thought. You piled food onto your plate and began to eat.
When Njord did come in, his first comment was addressed at you. “Well, that certainly is a lot of food.”
You feigned ignorance, pointing a fork at another champion. “I know. God, Sinbad, you’ll get fat if you eat that much.” Sinbad nodded stoically, going along with your joke.
“I was referring to you.”
“Well, I need the calories for training. Your plan of making me eat less so I pass out while fighting has been foiled.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Dude, how are you not getting the ‘I seriously don’t care what you’re saying’ vibe?”
Njord looked pissed off (yay!) and sat down to eat in silence (also yay!).
Just as Njord finished, the doors opened to reveal the princes, Sif, and the warriors three. Everyone got up and bowed, and you followed suit.
“Champions!” Thor bellowed. “This year will be a most important tournament because it takes place just before my coronation. I will need great soldiers to put in my ranks. We have chosen 60 of the most competent guards from the training fields, and you will each take ten under your wing. The guards who prove to be the most skilled at the end of the month will make their way into the royal army, and the trainer will bring honor to their homeworld as the winner of the tournament!
“You will now choose your soldiers. They are showing off their skills in the training fields as we speak, and after the hour is up, you will decide who is on your team. By random selection, the order of the choosing will be…”
Thor read the list of names. You were choosing fourth out of the six competitors. Njord was first. Of course. You remembered the list of names you had written down hours before and decided to keep a lookout for guards with those names.
The six nobles led you and your competitors across the castle to the training fields. You stepped behind a fence leading to an open arena and watched as sixty men faced off against each other, honing their skills on swords, daggers, spears, and arrows. The other contestants were raptly watching the crowd, trying to gauge who to put on their teams. While you couldn’t see names, you could sense which people belonged to your dream last night.
There was a young boy, no older than sixteen, fighting with a dagger. His footwork was clumsy, and he held his knife too tight. You were skilled with a knife, so you could train him, but you weren’t pleased by his lack of skill. It would take him awhile to catch up to his opponent, who was a giant of a man, expertly holding a dagger. But by the smirk on his face and the way he played with the boy, you could tell the giant man was cocky. He probably wouldn’t listen to a word you said if you picked him. By looking around at the other guards from your dream, you saw the same thing. Less talent, but more potential and willingness to work.
A bell chimed somewhere, and the guards sheathed their weapons and quickly walked to stand in a line along the wall. The nobles led you into the arena, and you stood in front of the line of soldiers. Some wore arrogant smiles. Some were nervous. Many were looking at you oddly, but when you glanced their way, they focused their eyes straight ahead of them.
“Njord, you pick first,” Loki said silkily.
Njord chose the giant of a man without even glancing at his name.
When your time came up, you glanced at the boy who had fought the giant man, glancing at his nametag.
“Ari, you’re on my team.”
There were a lot of blinking eyes and confused looks around the room, but nobody said a word (especially not Ari, who was too amazed to speak) as the boy joined your side.
As competitors kept picking, you seemed to take all of the small, weak types. Loki couldn’t figure out what your strategy was. Lose and blame it on your soldiers? He didn’t take you as the type to give up without a fight.
As Sinbad picked the last soldier, Thor cleared his throat.
“Champions! Each of you has been assigned a sector of the arena. You are to go there and begin training immediately. One of us” he gestured to him, Loki, Sif, and the warriors three “will guide you and aid you for the first day.”
The nobles seemed to have been randomly picked to side with certain champions. Loki had been paired with you, and the two of you hauled your soldiers to the back of the arena. You faced the mob of young soldiers.
“My name is f/n l/n,” you spoke clearly and succinctly. “I am from Midgard, and I will be your teacher for the next month. Now, it’s come to my attention that some Asgardians to not see women as fit to fight, so if any of you have a problem with that, you can fight me or Lady Sif right now.”
The looks around the group subsided until the men were at full attention.
“Good. Now, I chose each of you because you have the most potential. I’m not gonna lie, some of you pretty much suck at fighting, but at least you’re willing to get better. And trust me, I will make you better if it’s the last thing I do. Now, keep your armor on, weapons at the ready, and sprint two laps around the arena like you’re running towards a battle. MOVE.”
The soldiers ran, a little bit reluctantly. Most were definitely not sprinting. You shook your head at Loki.
“They’re dead as soon as they get back.”
Loki smirked. “They should be grateful they were even picked to partake in the tournament.”
“Nah, there’s a reason they’re here,” you said. “I just wish they’d actually RUN LIKE I TOLD THEM TOO!” You shouted the last part at the soldiers as they started their second lap. You could were starting to see who was stockier, who was faster, who held themselves the best.
Loki was impressed at your tactics. You knew where you stood in the hierarchy and where people thought you stood in the hierarchy, and you used it to your advantage. You weren’t arrogant like Njord. You were smart. You were collected and tactful. He liked that about you.
Once the soldiers finished their sprint, they stood at attention, some breathing heavier than others, in front of you.
“Now, some of you didn’t do what I asked you to do. I said SPRINT. If there were a battle across the side of the castle and you didn’t make it in time to fight, do you know how many people could have died?”
You paused.
“A lot. A lot of people could have died. You need to take this stuff seriously. I’m not going to just make you chuck knives at a target all day until you hit a bullseye. I’m teaching you stuff you’ll need in battle, ok? Now that I’ve got an idea of what you’re capable of, we’re going to start practice fights. And each of you will try fighting me.”
The soldiers glanced at each other, not sure what to make of you proposition. Loki thought this was going to be great fun.
“Ari, you’re up.”

It happened a couple fights in.
You had been sparring, correcting techniques and pummeling each of your guards to a pulp. They seemed a lot more prepared to listen to you now. But during one fight, your dagger slipped mid-battle, and out of instinct, you quickly used your magic to flip it back into your palm. No soldier was experienced enough to notice such a slip.
But Loki noticed. He noticed everything about you.
When the guards were all slumped in a corner, you called for an end to your part of the training session and handed control over to Loki. He taught them techniques for weapons you weren’t familiar with, and, in a spur of the moment idea, he surprised the last soldier with magic. And that’s when you realized you weren’t from Midgard.

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“Oh, God…” you said, still looking at the text you had received earlier. It had a picture of you and Spencer from the last case the team was had because on the ride home, APPARENTLY, you had fallen asleep on Spencer’s shoulder. The message was from Emily. “You have one week to confess to him, or I show him the picture.”
You had spent the last hour pleading with Emily to delete the picture to no avail. You had even considered having Penelope hack her phone to delete it, but Penelope shipped you and Spencer hard enough that you knew she wouldn’t do it. You were out of options.
“Stupid blackmail material....” you mumbled, though you felt a warmth in your gut, a sort of butterflies in your stomach feeling, when you looked at the picture. Damn, you loved Spencer Reid.

“Oh, my God…” Spencer ran his hands through his hair, staring at the text he had received earlier from Morgan. It had a picture of him and y/n from the last case the team had been on. Apparently, he had fallen asleep with his head on yours. The message was from Morgan. “You have one week to confess to her, or I show her the picture.”
He had spent about an hour pleading with Morgan to delete the picture, but Morgan just kept sending him aggravating texts with lots of winky faces. He had thought that maybe Garcia would delete the picture from Morgan’s phone if he asked, but he knew that she ‘shipped’ you two too hard to do anything like that. He was out of options.
“I hate blackmail material…” he mumbled. Despite his words, he felt a surge of joy to see the picture. Damn, he loved you.

“Hey, y/n!” Spencer sort of yelped it out when you entered the office on Monday. It was the first time he’d seen you since the message.
“Hey, Spencer!” You gave him a grin, even though you were shaking on the inside. You hadn’t seen him since the message.
“Did you have a good weekend?” he asked.
“Yeah, I did. I went to-”
“Guys, we have a case,” JJ said urgently.
You and Spencer cut the chitchat and followed her into the conference room. Emily and Morgan were looking pointedly at you and Spencer respectively, but both of you ignored them and tried to intently focus on the case at hand. Emily rolled her eyes at Morgan. This was going to be harder than they thought.
On the plane ride, both you and Spencer chose seats as far away from the couch you two had fallen asleep together on as possible. Neither of you noticed the other doing it. Penelope informed the team that the killer this time was armed and on the run. He had killed four women, possibly more, and was moving quickly across the California countryside. There weren’t a lot of people in the area he was moving in, making it hard to trace him, and while you had to act quickly and efficiently, there was no denying the distracted feeling in the back of your mind, especially when Emily walked passed you on the way to the bathroom, and whispered in your ear:
“Five more days.”

“He’s trapped in the convenience store,” Hotch informed the team. Morgan and Prentiss had just called him from the field. “The San Diego police have him surrounded. He’s taken the cashier hostage.”
“What do we know about the cashier?” you asked.
“She’s 22 years old and has a family in La Jolla. The convenience store job is helping her pay her way through college.”
“The unsub values children. If we can use her age and her family to our advantage, we can get him to let her go,” you said.
“This type of situation suggests an ending in suicide, either by cop or by ending it himself. Any ideas how to get him out alive?”
JJ spoke up.
“We should use Y/n as the liaison. She’s younger than me. That’ll play to the unsub’s childhood delusions.”
Everyone turned to Spencer, who had vetoed the plan.
“I can go in instead,” he said. “We’re about the same age. Let me go.”
“Y/n’s female. The unsub won’t trust men, even if you aren’t an alpha male type. He needs to feel in control. She’s our best shot, age-wise and sex-wise,” Hotch reasoned.
Spencer looked like he wanted to retort, but he had no comeback. He passive-aggressively sipped his coffee. Hotch and JJ locked eyes, both making the same plans.
“JJ, I need to talk to you about how to send the message about the unsub to the public. This could end badly.” JJ followed Hotch out of the conference room, leaving you and Spencer alone. You both sat in silence for a little bit. Spencer was avoiding eye contact with you, staring at his coffee, until you spoke up.
“Hey-” He looked at you. His bangs brushed his eyelashes in that cute way they sometimes did. This conversation was going to be harder than you thought it would be. “This is my first time really talking to an unsub. Do you have any advice?”
“Remember that you’re the one in control,” he said. He stood up and collected his papers.
“Am I really in control?”
“In a sense. You need to know you’re trying to help him, and that’s what you should convey.”
“How do I do that? Like, do I negotiate with him? Do I lie to him? Do I dance around the truth or tell it to him straight?” He looked in your eyes. Suddenly, you weren’t talking about the unsub anymore.
“I think you’ll know when the time comes,” he said slowly. Then, before you could react, he sped around the table and kissed you. Before you could fully comprehend the feeling of his lips on yours, he pulled away, put his things under his arms, and walked out of the room, barely turning around as he wished you good luck.

You and JJ took a car to the scene while Hotch and Reid took another. The conversation was one-sided as JJ tried to coach you on what to say to the unsub. When she realized you weren’t really paying attention, she showed concern.
“You don’t need to be this nervous about this. Sometimes things don’t play out well no matter what we do, but if we have to try. You’ll be great.” She touched your arm in a friendly gesture. You jumped.
“You’re that shaken up, huh?”
“What? No, it’s not that, it’s just… Spencer.”
“What about him?” JJ asked, trying not to smirk.
“He just… kissed me.”
“Just now, before we left… and after it, he just ran out the door… what does that mean?”
“Y/n, he’s in love with you. I think he’s worried about you getting hurt on this assignment, and he panicked. He had to do something just in case…”
“In case things go wrong?”
You sat in silence for a while longer.
“I better live through this,” you said.

“You are SO STUPID,” Morgan told Spencer on the phone. Hotch was grinning from the driver’s seat. “You kissed her, then ran out on her? What the heck was that?”
“I panicked! What was I supposed to do?”
“Uh, confess your undying love for her BEFORE everything could go to hell?”
Spencer paled.
“What if she doesn’t make it out of this?”
“Have you seen her do anything before? She’ll be fine. YOU, on the other hand, are not fine and need to get your skinny ass in gear and give her a real kiss.”

Hotch and Spencer got to the crime scene just as the unsub let the cashier go. You were standing in front of the unsub, who was out of the store with his gun pointed on you.
“Oh, God…” Reid said, jumping out of the car. Morgan saw him get out and headed back to see him.
“She’s doing fine, Reid. This is all part of the process.”
“You don’t want to do this.” Spencer could hear you talking. He and Morgan walked closer to where you were.
“Why not? I’m gonna die anyway,” the unsub said. “Might as well take a cop down with me.”
“You don’t have to die. We can make things better for you,” you said.
“Better? You think I want better? No, I’m going down no matter what. No matter what…”
He paused to think.
“And if I’m going down, it’s gonna be on my terms.”
He put the gun to his head.
“NO!” you yelled.
It was too late. You felt blood splatter all over your face, your hair, and your clothes. You tried not to open your mouth, but you still tasted iron. You heard Spencer yell your name somewhere far away. Cops were shaking their heads and holstering their weapons.
You were stunned. This was the first time you’d tried to save an unsub personally, and you had failed. You had failed to save someone’s life. You didn’t feel like moving. You couldn’t look away from the body.
“Y/n…” You heard Spencer next to you. You started, then made to wipe some of the blood off of your face. When you pulled your hand away, you saw blood mixed with tears and realized you were crying.
“I couldn’t…”
“Yeah,” Spencer said. “That happens sometimes.”
You started crying harder, and the two of you sort of melded together. You folded your arms into his chest. You put your head on his shoulder, his head fell on yours, and his arms went around your body. You stayed together until the the ambulance came to take away the unsub’s body.
Spencer finally moved his arm around your shoulder and walked you toward one of FBI vans, where he wet a tissue with a water bottle and cleaned off your face. You began to calm down.
“Sorry about the blood on your shirt…” you hiccupped.
He gave you a wan smile. “It’s no problem. I’m just glad you’re okay. You should’ve let me go instead.”
That reminded you of what had happened back at the police station. Now was probably the wrong time to ask, but…
“Hey, Spence? What happened back at the station? When you… you know…”
Spencer blushed, but closed the distance between your faces and kissed you softly. He nearly had a heart attack when you kissed back. When you pulled apart, you were both beaming.
“So, uh, would you like to do something this weekend? Like a date? There’s a great Indian place near the Quantico building,” Spencer said.
“I’d love to!” you said back.
Emily and Morgan walked around the car to see if you two were ok to go back to the plane, just to see you two kiss again.
“Yeah! Get some, Pretty Boy!” Morgan said, smirking. You two pulled away blushing.
“And to think, all we needed to do was blackmail you guys…” Emily said.
“Wait, you got blackmailed too?” you asked Spencer.
“Yeah. I guess I could show you the picture now…” Spencer pulled out his phone.
“...wait, that’s the same picture they blackmailed me with…”
The two blackmailers cackled maniacally, then walked away, shaking their heads, while you two fumed.

On the way back home in the plane, you and Spencer fell asleep on the couch, you with your head on Spencer’s shoulder, he with his head on yours.

The End
Blackmail Material Part 2 - Spencer Reid x Reader
Slight blood and suicide scene (not graphic) of an unsub
I got a ton of requests for a second part to this story, and I really needed to write something.
Thanks so much for supporting me and this story!
As soon as the original hits 100 faves (it's 7 away, I think!), I'll post part two!
(That seems like blackmail material in and of itself, so I may just post it once I finish? Anyway, I'd really appreciate the faves, so tell your friends!)
Thank you so much for supporting me!!!!
Would any of my watchers be interested in me commissioning them? If so, send me a note or comment your list of prices, and I'll check you out! I'm only looking for one or two more.
I can pay you through points or Paypal.
As soon as the original hits 100 faves (it's 7 away, I think!), I'll post part two!
(That seems like blackmail material in and of itself, so I may just post it once I finish? Anyway, I'd really appreciate the faves, so tell your friends!)
Thank you so much for supporting me!!!!


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