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Spender: “Welcome to Paranatural Adventures, with your host Rick Spender! As usual, I have my trusty trainees with me. We have Max on camera-“
Camera swivels to Max’s face.
Max: “Yo.”
Spender: “Max! Camera on me! Ah, that’s better. Now we have Isabel, our main ghost wrangler-“
Camera on Isabel.
Isabel: “ ‘Ello, mates!”
Spender: “-Ed, who can sense spirits-“
Camera on Ed.
Ed: “Hiya, guys!”
Spender: “-and Isaac, who we use as ghost bait.”
Camera on angry anime boy.
Spender: “Currently, we are outside Mayview’s abandoned hitball store, where the unrestful souls of the past’s hitball players still roam the halls. Time for us to investigate!”
The camera bobs up and down as the five enter the building. It is dark and dusty.
Spender: “Ed, status report.”
Ed: “I can’t feel any ghosts in this area of the building.”
Off camera voice: “Uh, we’re right over here.”
Spender: “CUT!”
He moves over to the gaggle of ghosts angrily as Max shuts off the camera.
Spender: “Can you guys pretend to not be here?”
Ghost: “Uh… I mean, sure…”
Spender: “Okay, just… float there until we cue you. Aaaaaand action! Ed, status report.”
Ed: “I can’t feel any ghosts in this area of the building. We should move to the basement. That’s where all the paranatural activity happens.”
Spender: “Alright! Heading to the basement!”
Spender cues the ghosts to follow him off camera.
Ghost: “There is no way we’re going down there. Don’t you know this place is haunted?”
Isaac: “…You’re literally gho-”
Ghost: Yeah, I just said something…”
Ghost: “Well, I went here to get away from YOU guys, I don’t know about anyone else here-“
Ghost: “Uh-“
Ed: “I’m getting a bad vibe from it, Mr. Spender!”
Ghost: “I didn’t agree to this.”
Isabel: “Crikey! We’ll need to get this spirit out of here, and fast!”
Ghost: “But I just got here.”
Isabel: “In order to get this ghost out of here, we’ll need to catch it in a vessel! Isaac, c’mon over here!”
Isaac: “Oh, God, not again.”
Isaac goes over to Isabel, near the group of ghosts.
Isabel: “You see those spots of light? That means a ghost is nearby!”
Isaac: “I think that’s just the camera light-“
Isabel: “You’ve never seen ghosts like I’ve seen ghosts! Those are ghost spots! Go stand in one of them. We need the ghost to take over your body so we can physically walk it out of this decrepit place.”
Isaac goes over and stands in the middle of the ghost group.
Isaac: “Like this?”
Isabel: “Exactly!”
Ed: “Hold on, I’m getting something.”
Max: “What do you feel, Ed?”
Ed: “The ghost can’t take over Isaac’s body because he’s too much of a dork!”
Max: “I feel it too!”
Isabel: “Me too!”
Isaac grumbles and walks back over to the group of kids.
Spender: “It looks like we’ll need to do this the hard way. SPIRITS, IF YOU ARE HERE, INDICATE YOUR PRESENCE BY MAKING SOMETHING MOVE.”
Ghost: “I’m not a poltergeist. Are you a poltergeist?”
The ghosts start mumbling to each other, but none show any indication of being able to touch physical objects.
Spender: “CUT! Okay, you seriously can’t just tip over a lamp or something?”
Ghost: “No.”
The kids all point at a ghost who’s making a getaway. Spender angrily whirls around and shakes his fist at it.
Ed: “I can feel the ghost leaving. Good work, team!”
Isabel: “Aw, and I was all ready to wrestle it!”
Max: “I think I got some good footage. We should go back and review it.”
Isaac: “I feel violated.”
Spender: “And that’s a wrap! Join us here next time for another episode of Paranatural Adventures, where we’ll be investigating Mayview’s haunted lake. Does the Loch Mayview Monster really exist? We’ll be the judge of that! Good night everybody!”
Camera turns off.
Spender: “Good job, crew. Suzy will believe we fight fake ghosts now. Our secret is safe. Head back home, and I’ll see you for club tomorrow!”
They all part ways.
It was so hot that the sun in the sky screamed down at the citizens of Godric’s Gulley like a firecracker. It was a pretty basic town in the West, where both humans and centaurs alike could live peacefully, and they could only live peacefully thanks to the sheriff. She was outside the saloon now, riding down the road with her husband on her back.
Sandra’s coal black hair flew from her face and into that of her beaux, John. Her dark skin was slick with sweat, and her flank pumped heartily as she galloped in the dust. She pumped to a stop in front of the county jail and pranced around, happy to be with her beloved. Her swollen belly showed she was pregnant, probably for many months now. It probably wasn’t the best idea to smoking the big, fat cigar in her mouth, what with her pregnancy and all, but it was a habit, her signature mark, and she was more prepared to amputate her left hind leg than give it up.
“I hope the baby has this much spirit,” John said happily, laughing as his girl whinnied at him.
“Cassie will have this much spirit, plus that of her daddy,” she grinned back.
“DAVID will have the strength of a thousand horses.”
“WENDY will be the smartest colt the world has ever seen!”
The two laughed at their bickering. How does one name a baby? There were so many names to choose from!
“How about Alexander?”
“How about Lucy?”
“How about John, Jr.?”
“How about Sandra, Jr.?”
“I guess I’ll give into your demands one day,” John smiled fondly at his wife. “But until we find out the baby’s a girl, I get to decide the boy’s name.”
“For now, dear, for now.” Sandra grinned. She loved her husband with all her heart, but sometimes it was hard to compromise. They lived such different lives, even within the small town. He owned the saloon, she caught the bandits. But all in all, they made it work.
“Gosh, I’m parched. I could go for some grub at the saloon, too!”
“You always say that!”
“Well, I’m always hungry! Look who decided to ride instead of run today!” she said pointedly.
John chuckled.
“You and your big appetite.”
“Do you remember that time you ate that young one’s pet spider? He wouldn’t look at you for days!”
“Well,” Sandra snorted. “He shouldn’t have named him Licorice. How was I supposed to know all those legs weren’t actually strings of candy?”
“Fair point,” John said, tipping his hat to his lady.
“And don’t forget who you’re talking to.” Sandra took the cigar out of her mouth as John dismounted and puffed out smoke into his face like a fire-breathing dragon. “I could certainly eat you whole, too! And all that food goes straight to my gullet so I can fight bad guys. This body doesn’t train and strengthen itself!”
“That’s true. After all, it was after that buffet I held that you bucked me all the way into orbit!”
“Yeah, how did that go for you?”
“It was cold, but I could see the entire world from where I was! It was about the finest thing I’ve ever seen, floating around up there! I remember seeing our state thinking how small we were compared to everything. Not just any lady or any sheriff could give me that experience!”
“That was one of my mightiest feats, if I do say so myself!”
“Even mightier than that time you ate that street orphan for trying to steal your cigar?” John laughed, remembering.
“Even mightier than that!” Sandra winked at a young brunette girl passing by, who just happened to be said street orphan. The girl smiled shakily back and awkwardly skedaddled out of the situation.
“Poor thing’s been nervous around you ever since!” John shot his wife a grin.
“That poor thing’s been polite to me ever since, and she better be in the future!”
Suddenly, an alarm rang through the town, sudden as a gunshot.
“Oh, Sheriff!” cried one of the damsels of the town. “There are some ruffians headin’ this way! Oh, Sheriff, you’ve got to stop them!” The lady fanned herself heavily while her husband ran out to support her.
“Please, Sheriff, you’re our only hope!” he said urgently.
“John, we’ll have to talk about baby names later. There’s trouble afoot, and I’ve got to stop it!” Sandra tossed her long hair out of her face and pawed the ground. She was ready for a fight.
“Go get ‘em, sweetheart!” John yelled, as Sandra took out her cannon. She placed herself inside I, lit the wire with her cigar, and shot off into the distance.
The town went quiet as if everyone had become ghosts. Faces peered out of windows, not enough to get shot at, but enough to see and guess what was going on. Women were shaking in their boots, and men were holding their ladies against them tightly. Everyone started as the bell tower rang high noon.
An explosion rang out in the distance. If the sun had looked like fireworks before, it was nothing in comparison to the fiery cloud that had erupted in the desert. The crowd broke out into cheers. Their sheriff had saved the day!
Flowers, ribbons, and praise coated the air as Sandra trotted back to the town. Her flank was ashy, and her skin was dirty, but she had done her job well.
“These varmints won’t be doing us harm anytime soon!” she yelled, shaking each of the criminals that she held in her fists. The two men were panic-stricken.
“Please don’t hurt us, Sheriff! We were only having a little fun!” the first crook said.
“Yeah! Yeah! A little fun! No harm meant!” the second crook repeated. But it didn’t matter.
“Both of you are headed behind bars, no two ways about it! No one threatens my town and gets away with it!” Sandra said, glaring at them each individually even though they wouldn’t look her in the eye.
She galloped over to the town jail, threw the two men into a cell, and slammed the door shut behind them, instantly locking the door.
The crowd cheered. The centaurs and humans were shaking her hand and patting her on her flank. Flowers and ribbons glittered in the air as the town honored her. Sandra blushed.
“Aw, shucks. It’s all in a day’s work!” she grinned at the crowd.
“Come on, sweetheart, let’s head back to the saloon. Free root beers all around!” John yelled. The crowd cheered again as everyone piled into the saloon.
John went back into the kitchen and came back with a massive pile of all of Sandra’s favorite foods.
“For my favorite centaur,” he winked at her.
“To Sandra!” one of the citizens yelled, throwing a toast in the air.
“To Sandra!” The rest of the town echoed, raising their root beers.
Sandra wasn’t listening. She was gobbling down her food, hungry as a horse. She stopped for a second, removing her cigar from her mouth for just enough time to gulp down some root beer.
“I could get used to this life,” Sandra said happily. She let out a tremendous fart.
Suddenly, the fart sparked on her cigar, and the whole saloon burst into flames for a split second before it turned to ashes and dust on the ground. The crowd, faces covered in soot, looked at Sandra. She looked back at them sheepishly.
“All in a day’s work!” She said and made a hasty exit to her home, sure the town was safe from bandits once again.
All in a Day's Work!
Request for deviantart user Heavier-lobster!
You were on the helicarrier in a cage, and you weren’t sure why.
Well, you knew WHY you were captured, of course. You were the Goddess of Chaos. You were “extremely dangerous, attack on sight” by SHIELD’s standards, so when they caught you harassing the mortals of New York for the hell of it (because, come on, it was HILARIOUS), they fought you. They put up a pretty good fight, too, but you had them cornered in a matter of minutes. That is, until an underground blast knocked you unconscious. So now, you were in the cage in the middle of the sky.
What didn’t make sense was why you couldn’t get out. Some kind of magic was holding you in place, and you couldn’t figure out just what type it was. You had seen almost every type of magic in your day (you had mastered almost every one of them), but not this type. And since it lined every inch of the glass that encased you, you couldn’t break out of the stupid thing.
You’d woken about an hour ago and tried about every spell you could think of and nothing had worked, and boy, were you pissed. After lots of swearing in your native language (you had mastered swearing too), you leaned against the glass and wiped your brow of sweat. They’d let you out eventually. And when they did, they would PAY.
“Having fun, love?”
You glanced at the entrance of the cage, where a man now stood just outside of the glass. He had on a sort of armor you’d never seen before on Earth, but hey, you weren’t going to complain. It offset his splayed, dark hair quite nicely and showed the lean, muscular structure of his body.
Suddenly, lights began flashing. A voice over the intercom was calling about an enemy attack within the walls. The man grinned like the sound was music to his ears.
“Shouldn’t you deal with that?” You said sardonically. The man laughed.
“Darling, I’m the one they’re after.”
“You? I could break you in two with a snap of my fingers.”
“You could. But I have my own tricks up my sleeve. You’re Scarlet, the Goddess of Destruction? I am Loki, God of Mischief. And my magic is keeping you imprisoned here.”
“You’re the one who did this?” You screamed, racing at him and scratching the glass.
“Not intentionally. The fools on this ship stole my scepter, which is keeping you in place. I can break the spell long enough for you to get out.”
You perked up at this.
“I would greatly appreciate if you did.”
“I think I will. But there are a couple of conditions that I’ll need you to swear upon.”
Men were banging on the locked doors of the chamber. You knew you had about a minute to barter with Loki. You considered his terms.
“And what are these conditions?”
“One: My scepter and your staff are held in the same place. You help me free both of them.”
“Done,” you said quickly.
“Two: You don’t use your magic against me. I am capable of far more than you believe I am capable of, and a magic duel won’t end well for either of us.”
You hesitated for a moment, but knew Loki was probably the only way out of this damned cage.
“Fine,” you agreed.
“Three.” Loki looked particularly devious about this one.
“You become my queen on Asgard. I’ll need a woman like you by my side.”
“A woman like what?” You asked curiously. You had about twenty seconds left.
“Intelligent, cunning, and breathtakingly beautiful.” He winked at you. You contained your blush.
So, that was the last term. Were you really ready to be tied down with someone like this? You’d just met the guy!
“You may have just met me, but I have been watching you for quite some time. I can assure you, our love will rival the stars in their brilliance.”
Ten seconds.
He looked into your eyes, and you saw a reflection of yourself in them. Someone who was mischievous and sly, but also had a heart of gold underneath. Someone who would understand you and be your perfect match.
Five seconds.
Were you ready? Hell yes, you were.
“Deal,” you said, genuinely smiling.
Loki shoved his hand through the magic field surrounding the glass. You moved your palm toward his, and when you hit the glass barrier, you slipped right through it.
The agents of SHIELD burst through the doors on all sides. You and Loki faced them hand in hand.
“Are you ready, my queen?” He asked you, surveying the scene and flashing you a devilish smile.
“Of course, my king,” you said.
With that, you fought your way through the crowd. Without your staff and Loki’s scepter, the fighting was slower than usual, but you quickly cleaned out the agents. Loki guided you toward the room where the magical instruments were being held, and once you had successfully grabbed them, he grabbed your waist, brought you close to him, and kissed you. You kissed back and just as the kiss intensified, Loki broke off. He moved his lips sensually to your ear.
“Are you ready to see Asgard, my love?”
“Yes,” you breathed out.
And in a flash, you and Loki had disappeared from the base, gone to your new home.
Mary Elizabeth Butterfly Diamond Emerald Isaac Sue by blairdiggory
Mary Elizabeth Butterfly Diamond Emerald Isaac Sue
A spectral with rainbow spectral energy so she can use every tool!
Speaks the spirit language fluently so she can communicate with any spirit
Crazy awesome fighter who can take out a spirit with one blast
All the guys have a crush on her (including Cody, who's bi for her)
Is in love with Isaac
Her spirit lets her turn half ghost like Danny Phantom!
Sooo I'm going to try something new out and take some requests for fanfiction. They can be xreaders or whatever the heck you want them to be! Just no lemons or the like, and I can probably only do a good job if I'm in the fandom, but just comment or send me a note and we'll see what I can do! ^.^


blairdiggory's Profile Picture
United States
A lovely writer chick who needs to express her thoughts with somewhat crappy drawings.

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