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Volpina Necklace and Ears by blairdiggory Volpina Necklace and Ears :iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 1 3 Alyssa and Naki by blairdiggory Alyssa and Naki :iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 3 0 Akina (ACOTAR OC) by blairdiggory Akina (ACOTAR OC) :iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 0 0 Magnus Chase OC by blairdiggory Magnus Chase OC :iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 4 6
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 12
Loki had been locked up in his room for three days. The only ones to come in had been his servants (they gave him his meal and left quickly), Thor, and Odin. Loki was quite sure that the Allfather had forbidden Frigga and you from seeing him. Loki was also quite sure that his room was heavily guarded, though they had no need to worry about him escaping. He had no desire to, and he wasn’t sure why. 

Thor had already pleaded with him to change his ways, and Odin had already chewed him out in his own way, so when you finally entered his room, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Both of you had been thinking about this coming conversation for days, but it was up to you to initiate it. Loki would react. 

As you opened the door, he eyes flickered quickly over you, then he faced front in his chair again, watching the fire in the fireplace. His face was blank. 
You wanted to slap him. You probably should have. However, you knew that Odin had probably already done a f
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 9 1
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 11
Your dinner with Loki went incredibly well, and he invited you on an outing in the palace gardens in a couple days time. You were happy, and you couldn’t remember being happy for such a long time. Everything on Asgard had been work related, but this was something completely new, and you loved it.
Everything was as perfect as it could be, but something kept plaguing the back of your mind.
Thor had been banished to Midgard, and the Allfather was unconscious. What was going to happen to them?
You’d asked Loki if you could go to Midgard to help Thor out, but he was insistent that you stay with him in Asgard.

“The tournament is at it’s end. You need to stay focused,” Loki pointed out. “Besides, the point of Thor being sent to Midgard was to redeem himself. He can’t do that if you’re helping him at every turn.”
You figured Loki was right. Besides, you didn't know Thor all that well (you figured he’d forget w
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 8 3
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 10
You woke up in the healing room hours after the Allfather had fallen asleep. It hurt to remember anything, so you had very little knowledge as to why you were there. Healers were bustling around. When one woman saw you awake, she hurried over to you and began taking your vitals.
“So, how did I end up in here?” you groaned as she passed a screen of magic over you.
“Your exploits in Jotunheim nearly killed you, my lady,” she said brusquely.
“Oh, my God!” you yelled, sitting up. You instantly regretted this, as it sent a throbbing pain through your head and made your vision fuzzy.
“Lay down!” the healer squawked, but almost immediately her supervisor shushed her and shooed her out.
“That is no way to talk to our patient!” the head healer said. She turned to you. “Our apologies, Lady Y/N. We are still becoming accustomed to your new title.”
“My what?”
“As a vala, your rank is much higher than it was a
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 8 2
Miraculous Ladybug OC by blairdiggory Miraculous Ladybug OC :iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 2 0
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 9
-Loki’s Point of View-
You crumpled to the snow, and Loki hoped he hadn’t killed you.
Though it wasn’t strictly his fault, he should have seen the creature coming. He should of thrown up his shield first. You shouldn’t be lying motionless on the ground.
A blast of fiery light shook the snow-covered land. Odin appeared on horseback as the Bifrost opened. Everyone froze as he took in Fandral’s wound and your broken form. To say he was pissed was an understatement.
“Get her up, Loki,” he said dangerously.
Loki took you in his arms bridal style, and he shifted to support you head as it lolled back. He could feel a heartbeat. Good.
“Let us finish them together, Father!” Thor said triumphantly, putting his hand back on his hammer.
“You will be silent!” Odin roared at his eldest son.
The tundra was quiet while Thor stood in shock. Laufey strode toward the front of his soldiers, a cold (literally) look in his eye.
“How dar
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 11 3
Miraculous!(Thor/MiraculousLadybug AU)(LokixReader
In the daytime, you’re y/n. Just an normal girl with a normal life. But you have a secret.
Because when evil strikes, you became the Miraculous Ladybug, the superheroine that saves all of Paris, with the help of the infamous Cat Noir.
You love being Ladybug. At school, you feel stifled. You’re just learning to memorize things. What you need beyond all else is action, putting those memorized things into practice. As Ladybug, you’ve gotten better at thinking on your feet, speaking out for what you believe in, and simply being you when you don’t have to worry about the consequences (ok, there are some consequences, but you can keep them in check). There is only one teensy drawback:
Cat Noir. He’s completely and helplessly in love with you and flirts constantly. You have to admit, with his spiked-back black hair, he’s pretty attractive (even if he IS in a catsuit), but you’ve got your heart set on another person.
He and his brother, Thor, are
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 18 4
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 8
“I gotta know, is this illegal?”
Loki was standing in front of the door to your room. He had come with a proposition: Come with him, Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three to Jotunheim to exact revenge on the frost giants.
“Yes. I take it you’re out, then?” Loki asked, secretly relieved that you had chosen to stay in Asgard.
“What? Nah, I just want to know if I need an alibi or something in case we get caught,” you said. You shouted back to Brin, who was in your closet, preparing your outfit for the final matches of the competition (hopefully it included pants).
“Hey, Brin! I’m gonna need some alone time to plan some battle tactics. Can you leave for a couple of hours?”
Brin looked harried by the suggestion (the finale of the competition was only a couple days away), but obliged your request and left the room, glancing quickly at Loki on the way out. Loki looked at her sideways, too.
“You believe your servant will be silent r
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 7 2
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 7
You’d been having the dreams for weeks. Cold and darkness descended upon your senses every night. You’d try to fight it, conjure up some energy for a force field at least, but be sucked back into the darkness. The wind would roar in your ears, along with something deeper, more animalistic until it too faded. As the dreams continued, you began waking up sweating, trying harder and harder each time to save yourself, but it felt like something was blocking you, punching you in the gut before you could get your bearings. You decided to keep these dreams to yourself even though you knew they usually indicated trouble in the near future. Thor’s coronation was in the summer, not the winter. No one else was in view in the dream (granted your vision was limited). Still, you became a little jumpy, and you began training harder and harder. This only spurred on your team to train as hard as you, gaining momentum in the competition.
Soon, Thor’s coronation was coming up, and
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 7 2
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 6
You continued practicing weekly with Loki, but you weren’t making much progress. Sort of like Harry Potter and his patronus, you were only producing weak versions of all the spells that Loki taught you.
“You may only have magic on one side of your family,” he assured you. “It will change how your magic affects things.”
Secretly, he wondered if something was blocking your magic. There were spells to impede magic (not that many had many effect on him or his mother), though they were usually very obvious. He couldn’t see any markers in your general vicinity. Not that he was looking at you very closely. Maybe.
He didn’t bother voicing this idea to you as it was only speculation. He also enjoyed spending time with you, not that he would ever admit it. You had more on your mind than fighting and feasting, like Thor and his companions did. You thought like him. You were collected like him. You didn’t give up easily when things mattered.
You had
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 9 1
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 5
“So, what sort of abilities do you possess?” Loki asked you. You were standing in his room’s library (yeah, his room was so big it had its own freaking LIBRARY) as the sun began to set. He had been reading a tome with curling pink script on the cover, but quickly closed it and shoved it away when you knocked on the door.
“Um, my powers are sort of all over the place,” you said, wondering how to categorize them.
“Name some of them,” Loki insisted.
“Let’s see… I can heal wounds… I can manipulate energy to some degree, sort of like force fields and energy blasts… I think I’m sort of clairvoyant? I have weird dreams of stuff that ends up happening, I can sense people’s actions before they do them, and I can sort of feel where events are supposed to go…”
Loki looked deep in thought as you began to falter.
“And, well… yeah. I think that’s about it.”
Loki’s eyes hovere
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 6 3
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 4
As soon as you got off of training duty, you cleaned up in your room hurriedly and hopped over to the library.
Ok, so you hadn’t realized the Asgardians could use magic. This was mostly due to the fact that while you had read up on the Norse gods, the people you were involved with were not, technically speaking, gods. They were mortal. Granted they lived like 5000 years, but STILL. They could use magic! And so could you. So what if you were one of them?
You stepped briskly into library, where you had never been before, and stopped suddenly. The place was HUGE. It was what you imagined the Hogwarts library would look like, only it had waves of murals painted on the walls and held a whopping five floors. You wanted to study the intricate carvings of the place more, but you had to find information fast. And it didn’t help that all of the bindings were in ancient Norse either.
You looked up and down the rows, but nothing screamed “MAGIC” at you. You started climbing
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 8 0
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Chapter 3
When you woke up the next morning, you vaguely remembered dreaming some names. You’d often had dreams like these, where you could remember details, items, or names, and they usually came in handy later. You looked around you room to find paper and a pencil (you only came up with ink and a quill. Damn Asgardian technology.), and you wrote the names down. There were ten total.
Brin came in soon after. Once you were dressed (you had pants now), Brin walked with you to the dining hall, where some of the champions were eating breakfast. Njord wasn’t there yet. He must’ve needed his beauty sleep, you thought. You piled food onto your plate and began to eat.
When Njord did come in, his first comment was addressed at you. “Well, that certainly is a lot of food.”
You feigned ignorance, pointing a fork at another champion. “I know. God, Sinbad, you’ll get fat if you eat that much.” Sinbad nodded stoically, going along with your joke.
“I was r
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 10 4


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Volpina Necklace and Ears
Getting ready ready for Emerald City Comiccon next year! These will be part of my Volpina cosplay!
Alyssa and Naki
Some OC's from Hellbound Guardian, which is an AMAZING webcomic you should all read!
Read Hellbound Guardian at:…
I'm so pumped for a Court of Wings and Ruin!!! This is Akina, and she's from the Dawn Court where I headcanon that the Fae love henna and suns and gold.
Magnus Chase OC
She's a daughter of Frigg, and she's a völva (in training), and she goes around telling people dumb prophecies.
As soon as the original hits 100 faves (it's 7 away, I think!), I'll post part two!
(That seems like blackmail material in and of itself, so I may just post it once I finish? Anyway, I'd really appreciate the faves, so tell your friends!)
Thank you so much for supporting me!!!!


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